Advisor Promoter is a marketing automation technology designed to help advisers reduce compliance risk whilst saving time and generating leads, all from your smartphone.

We've done all the hard work, so you don't have to.

Built with a talented team of marketers and technologists with experience in developing enterprise level market automation solutions for international markets, advisor promoter sets a new standard in simplicity and usability without compromising on power.

We have focused on developing a comprehensive system that leverages the latest technology to help advisors reduce compliance risk through automating repetitive tasks such as the review process, nurture existing relationships through a range of very powerful pre-designed campaigns and generate new leads via referral campaigns combined with engaging content that can be easily shared and tracked across social channels. Find out more about how we are helping with compliance.

In working with advisors, we have married technology with processes and compelling content that directly drive business and strengthen customer relationships, all within a system that is simple to use and understand. Not only have we developed comprehensive systems that delivers leads to you in real-time, we continually add to, monitor and improve these campaigns so you can rest assured that you are always getting optimum marketing results.

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Market Survey for Insurance/Mortgage Advisers

Regulatory changes in New Zealand are driving a new set of requirements for advisers.

Participate in this 7 minute survey and get a copy of the consolidated market results to give you some insight into what challenges other advisers are facing and solutions that are available.

High Level Overview of Application Features

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The power of marketing automation made simple.


Get leads in real-time directly to your smartphone to take action through a simple to use dashboard.


Clients can set meeting appointments directly into your calendar based on your availability through emails or on your personalized landing pages.

event reminders

Automatically generate reminders and communications for policy renewals, birthdays, anniversaries and more.

fully automated marketing

A comprehensive range of campaigns are managed on your behalf to help build customer relationships and generate leads.


Leverage local media articles to generate leads and convert to appointments.

multi channel marketing

Communications are driven through the most appropriate channel ranging from email, sms through to social media channels such as messenger.

Integrate your core CRM

Advisor Promoter can connect directly to your IRESS/Xplan instance seamlessly passing information for marketing and compliance. You can now take your core CRM and add the power of multi channel marketing automation to reduce compliance risk, nurture existing clients and generate new ones.

With our Zapier connection, you can now communicate to over 1000 applications.

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