Ways in which Advisor Promoter is helping FAP’s and advisers meet the new compliance regulations.

  • Prioritised Customer Renewal process
  • Disclosure Document Tracking
  • Nurturing Communications
  • Customer Complaint Process
  • Updating Client Data Securely
  • Opt-in/Opt-Out Management
  • Newsletters
  • Key Customer Date Events
  • Service/Marketing communication tracking
  • Management of Compliant Marketing Communications
  • Custom Workflow
  • Survey Tools
  • CRM Integration
  • Security/Data Protection

Providing multichannel (Email, SMS, Messenger …) workflows that provide a better customer experience whilst saving time and recording all interactions automatically for compliance.

A high weighting is on the need to be able to communicate and validate clear and understandable disclosure documents. The Advisor Promoter offering is unique in that it can send and track disclosure documents via multiple channels complete with interaction tracking – sent, opened, viewed, downloaded etc. This can even be supported by simple videos to help communicate the context of a legalised version of a disclosure attachment and include a signature of acknowledgement if required.

Providing automated communications to keep clients informed of industry changes and new offerings complete with contact interaction tracking keep the customer engaged. Several cases have been successful in penalizing advisers who have been receiving trail commissions without any client interaction for 9+ years. This is now a key FMA focus to demonstrate with evidence how you are providing meaningful communications with your clients over time as part of the service to support trail commissions.

With the ability to create custom forms and time based/event driven workflows you can easily setup customer complaint processes to make sure they are handled quickly and easily.

With the advantage of trackable links to unique devices such as mobile numbers, a new level of security can be added to processes involving updating of client data whilst negating the need for clients to manage additional logins and passwords. The fact that we can validate interactions across multiple channels provides a simple yet secure process for this purpose.

Although not part of the FMA requirements currently, this area falls into the Global GDPR requirements around being able to manage how customer interactions are initiated and tracked in regard to the write to communicate via specific channels.

Easily create branded communications from the group that can be sent and tracked to clients to keep them informed of changes that are relevant to them.

Birthdays, Wedding Anniversaries, New Year Goal setting etc. All designed to keep the customer engaged with your brand and the adviser.

This falls into the area of managing how clients are communicated to via each channel to make sure service based communications (Renewal Update Communications) take priority over marketing based communications.

With the ability to deploy communications across the group, advisers can utilise them with confidence. New strategies can be tried and based on success, distributed to other members easily.

The power of Advisor Promoters automated workflow, gives groups the ability to create unique onboarding processes using secure surveys. This opens up all sorts of possibilities such as onboarding prospects at trade shows /event through to a range of above the line initiatives such as SMS, radio, tv and press that drive prospects into compliant opt-in processes again reducing compliance risks around the FMA and GDPR rules. To put this in context, in the USA, you can be fined US$2,500 per unsolicited text message sent via SMS, it makes sense to be following best practice processes in this area from the start.

Allows you to gather customer feedback and market knowledge to track performance.

The seamless flow of updated data to and from your CRM such as Iress Xplan allows you to take advantage of the power of Advisor Promoter’ s multi-channel compliance tracking and nurturing ability without the need for double handling of data. Advisor Promoter can also connect to over 1000 applications via the Zapier connector.

Advisor Promoter is built on the latest Microsoft Cloud based technology and security best practices. Running on HTTPS with user identity encryption, we make sure client data is well protected. Integration to Xplan and via our API’s is via the latest Oath security protocol’s. This level of security can be increased even further with restricting IP login addresses against specific accounts giving you the highest practical level of security for your client’s data.

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