• Hot Lead List
  • Meeting Booker
  • Event Reminders
  • Automated Marketing
  • Media Leverager
  • Multi Channel Marketing
  • Presenting

Delivering Hot Leads in real-time directly to your mobile is only the start. The Actions Dashboard is designed for simplicity giving users direct access to each contact from sending information, contacting, presenting to and reviewing all the contact history from a single screen. As contacts interact with campaigns, based on their activity, they are assigned a star rating and automatically presented on the Dashboard for action to be taken.

Advisor Promoter is fully integrated to the Calendly service providing you and your clients easy access to setting and managing appointments directly to your calendar based on your availability. Clients can set an appointment directly on your calendar from any landing page or email.

Event reminders are all automatically handled in pre-built campaigns. Events such as policy renewals, birthdays, anniversaries and more can all be handled with ease. Special triggers can be setup based on any automation process that allows you to extend the capability of the system.
You can even automate social posts to a client's social page, send them a celebratedly SMS, Email or a printed Birthday or Christmas card.

Advanced automated workflow sits at the heart of the system, but don't worry, we manage the system and work to monitor and optimize each campaign, so you don't have to.

For the more advanced users, our Ultimate version offers an ability to create your own automation campaigns.
Advisor Promoter is equipped with drag and drop Mobile Landing Pages, Emails and advanced workflow sequencing to create any number of event based campaigns.

Leverager is a powerful marketing tool that allows you to leverage local news that is relevant to the industry and of interest to new clients.

These news feeds have a powerful backlink that delivers new prospects directly to your personalized capture pages, complete with videos relevant to each article.

We see multichannel as continuously changing dependent on your messaging and target market. Our campaigns are able to utilize any number of marketing and communication channels with an ability to track effectiveness across each channel.

Some of the main channels include Email, SMS (Txt messaging outbound or inbound via keywords), AI Autobots for contact engagement from websites, TV, Radio and Print.

You are only limited by your creativity and budgets available to leverage the technology to help generate leads. Whilst the system comes with automatically configured and supported campaigns we can work with you to define a budget to create your own personalised marketing initiatives.

By simply turning your device sideways you have the ability to run presentations from your phone. You can even Email and SMS your presentations to clients so they can view them in their own time.

The system is able to track when it was viewed and report back into your system in realtime.