General Questions

The system is designed primarily to benefit advisors through providing an easy to use application that delivers leads in real-time, supported by managed marketing automation campaigns. More advanced modules such as the group reporting and telemarketing module are designed to facilitate additional support structures for advisors.
Advisor Promoter is a very advanced marketing tool with a simple to use interface. It comes packed with over 20 pre-designed and managed marketing campaigns to help you nurture and build leads. Moreover, you have access to a library of information to generate interest via social channels in additional to Leverager, a news media lead capture tool.
Whilst the system is an extremely powerful marketing system in its own right, the main feature of the system is to be able to deliver it seamlessly through a simple to use interface. We have designed the system from the ground up for simplicity and power.
Yes. If you are part of an advisor group that is not currently registered in the application, we can work with them to get their brand included in the system. Your details such as email signatures, logos etc will be included as part of this process.
Yes, as safe as we can make it with the current technology available. Moberate, the system Advisor Promoter is built on, is design using the latest Microsoft Technologies and hosted on the Azure Cloud Network backed by Microsoft’s enterprise level Database SQL Server Database. We have multiple levels of security in place to safeguard access to your data.
We have integrated our system to directly use the Calendly service. The advantage of this is that your appointments are automatically scheduled in your calendar and are both easy to change and mange by your clients, increasing your time in front of customers rather than manually having to manage meeting changes.